What Un-Sheltering Means

As an animal rescue and community service organization, The Un-Shelter goes beyond traditional sheltering. It is a positive support center for pets and their people, for un-homed animals, and the humans that care for them. Our mission includes:
• Caring for a small group of homeless animals on-site in addition to foster homes;
• Providing access to services (behavior, food, medical care) to humans to keep animals in-home;
• Creating a community of people connected to shelters/rescues for ongoing education, debriefing, assistance, and decompression; and,
• Encouraging strong bonds between humans and pets by offering an array of educational resources – classes, workshops, play groups.


"It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done”

Nelson Mandela



Mobile Pack Hike

The Un-Shelter Dream Team partners with other area shelters to offer mobile packs.  Our urban pack hike program allows shelter dogs to get out into the city, take a long group walk, and....just act like dogs.  It's great for the humans too!

Building Bonds with Pets

The Un-Shelter is a community hub for humane education, training, fun with pets, and social activities for their human companions.

Partnerships and Shelter Enrichment

The Un-Shelter provides support to other shelters and rescues in the region through hands-on enrichment via mobile hikes and play groups and through the provision of toys, treats, tools, and other needed resources.

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