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Mobile Pack Hike

One of the greatest threats to animals in shelters is that longer stays can result in deteriorating behaviors that hamper adoptions and reduce the physical and mental well-being of the animal.    Shelters dealing with capacity issues and resource constraints can often use assistance in providing extra enrichment to their animals.  Pack hikes, whereby groups of dogs get a several mile walk, allows for a break from the shelter and for dogs to act like dogs, get physical exercise, and allow them to explore the outdoors with their senses.  The mobile pack hike program:

  • Offers other shelters and rescues a trained and experienced group of volunteers to take dogs on hikes.

  • Transports shelter dogs to locations appropriate for hikes and return them to the shelter.

  • Provides all supplies and crates for transporting.

  • Provides assistance in developing pack hike programs and training for staff and volunteers.

If you have questions about our pack hike program please email

Interested in joining us for the first time.....please go fill out a Volunteer form!!

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